FAEFEVER REVIEW!-Karen Marie Moning


The Unseelie is Closing in, can Mac find The Sinsar Dubh before it is too late?




CHARACTERS:MacKayla Lane ( Mac),Jericho Z Barrons, V’Lane,Dani O’Malley,Rowena

The Third Installment was , literally Mind blowing.

MacKayla Lane’s Life is far from normal, With the Unseelie lose on the street and crime rates are spiking up in Dublin,Mac has to do something soon.It is no easy task, as the solution is to find the evil book, the Fourth Unseelie Hallow, Sinsar Dubh ( pronounced as She-suh-Doo).Mac can’t stand the book, so how is it supposed to save her and the world?With the mysterious LM ( Lord Master ) Her sister’s killer and Derek O’Bannion’s motives unclear Mac’s life is in danger, and with the hatred of Rowena, Mac is now the enemy of other Sidhe-Seers of PHI and V’lane who is formidable as well as untrustworthy, makes it difficult to say who is on which side .The Good or the Bad?

Also the mysterious Jericho Barrons is proving not easy to trust for Mac.How can she trust him when his own motives remain unclear?

Also then there the fast approaching Samhain ( Pronounced Sowen) when the walls between the Faery and The Human World is the thinnest.

Can Mac save the world before it gets to late?

Rating-5 Stars

Warning: If you don’t like the constant element of mystery and like the instant fall-in-love kind of books,Then don’t read this series.

But, If you love Bad Boys and motives and a Petunia (ass) kicker Heroins well, sit near a fire place on a Persian rug and read this series!

“Nobody looks good in their darkest hours. But it’s those hours that make us what we are.”



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