The Transfer (Divergent 0.1)~Veronica Roth Review!


Characters:Tobias Eaton,Marcus Eaton,Amar,Eric etc.

Those of have read Divergent and Insurgent already know lots of Tris Prior,but not a lot about Tobias Eaton a.k.a Four.
We were introduced to Four as a strong character with an mysterious past.Now here’s the chance to read more about him!
As usual Veronica Roth wrote the story so wonderfully.We finally came to know the relationship between Marcus and Tobias If only I could kill Marcus again and also how he ended up choosing Dauntless and his famous nickname.

Loved it!

rating:5 stars

Warning:This story might have a bit of violence.

If you don’t like a male’s POV and dystopian fiction.Skip it!

if you love Divergent and Insurgent.Then you’d love this book too!



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