Hello and Namaste!calm_nebula_by_the_free_mason.jpg

My name is Anushka and I used to live in India but now I live in Canada.It has always been my passion to read and write,recently I even started to write poetry.

But reviewing had an always been something I loved but I never had courage to start my own blog.

Once I was surfing through internet for books and saw an author and blogger book chat.It struck me as an inspiration and I imagined myself as one successful reviewer and talking to authors.That Idea gave me courage and Since then,I started my own blog and here I am now! coollogo_com-35492155Writing my own reviews for those fantastic readers out there,who take out time to read my stuff and make their decision accordingly! Books are a main part of our life and I hope,by contributing through my blog,I make an small contribution to the wonderful Young Adult World.

Thankyou for reading!




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