Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

I love book recommendations ! My book recommendations are posted below:

Book Boyfriends (Best Romance Heroes)           No Particular Order!                                                 

  1. Peeta Mellark-The Hunger Games
  2. Jace Wayland-City Of Bones
  3. Percy Jackson-Percy Jackson Series
  4. Nico D’Angelo-Percy Jackson Series
  5. Leo Valdez-Heroes Of Olympus
  6. Patch Cipriano-Hush Hush
  7. Prince Ash-The Iron King
  8. Noah Shaw-The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer
  9. Augustus Waters-The Fault Is In Our Stars
  10. Four/Tobias-Divergent
  11. Kaidan Rowe-Sweet Evil
  12. Daemon Black-Obsidian
  13. Jericho Barrons-FeverSeries
  14. Will Herondale-The Infernal Devices
  15. Dmitri Belikov-The Vampire Academy

I have more heroes but this is for now 🙂

Whose yours?



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