Frequently Asked Questions (plus Terms and Glossary)

What does YA means?

Young Adult.

What are the main genres displayed on this blog?

Anything related to Young Adult Genres,Just have to capture my interest!

What does ‘Young Adult’ genre actually mean?

Young-adult fiction or young adult literature (often abbreviated as YA), also juvenile fiction, is fiction written, published, or marketed to adolescent and young adults.(Def.Wikipedia)


Young Adult is a genre which basically attracts teenagers.Its a genre which falls between Children books and New Adult books.Children books are less mature for us and Adult books are way to much mature for some,Young Adult tends to balance them both.

There are some books though,which have a bit violence,explicit contents,foul languages.Therefore I put a ‘Warning’ note at the end of each post.Young Adult Genre is very interesting genre, it also highlight problems usually faced by teenagers.YA novels usually have an protagonist and characters who are teenagers.

(Fun Fact! Young Adult books are bought more by Adults that teenagers!)

Having a YA Blog,do You read ever read any other genre book?

Why yes I do! Like recently I read Sidney Sheldon books which are not exactly YA and also Black Dagger brotherhood which are Adult,but i won’t post anything regarding it on my blog.

Can I ask you to read any particular book?

Yes! you can! but it should be first book of the series and also I might be delayed reading them,after all I go to school and have homework! 😦

As an author,Can I send you an EPUB,PDF or MOBI version for review?

Yes! Even though I rather prefer paperbacks since I don’t own a kindle,but still you can go to contact me: and ask any questions or if you want to send me an copy for review!

What If i want to contact you personally?

You can contact me personally by emailing me at:Shreya809@rediffmail.com

Are you going to do any Giveaways,author interviews,book tours?

Yes! Infact I am currently doing a book tour! I will hoist giveaways and do interviews soon.One at a time!

Whats the  best way to do a giveaway for my book?

The best way is to give two or three copies to blogger.People are way more interested in paperbacks than any virtual file,but don’t let that stop you! ARCS are always good in either form!

Have you ever got any ARCS? What are Arcs?

ARCS are Advance Reading Copies.They are given before the book is officially released.Yes I have received ARCs from Disney-Hyperion,Simon and Shuster and other publishing houses.I even receive from authors a lot,but sadly, not physical ARCs.I really want them though, and once I have a steady following:I’ll start asking from publishers directly.

One advice would you give to new Bloggers?
Bloggers,Starting a blog is easy but maintaining them is difficult.You cannot expect 500 to 600 followers at once! They will grow steadily.Continue to do your work and the one day you will get rewards for your efforts.

What is TBR?
To Be Released.

What is DNF?

Did Not Finish

Lastly,Why did you chose that Blog name?

There are so many other blogs which are dedicated to YA and I am just another YA blogger like them,and my blog is JustAnotherYABlog 🙂

Hope that makes sense!

You can ask me more questions if you want!

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