Review Policy

JustAnotherYABlog is dedicated to reviews.I do my own honest reviews.If you are looking at this page and considering JustAnotherYABlog for reviewing your book, then you can’t imagine how honored I am.Please keep in mind that I give honest reviews and there is no guarantee that I would have a positive opinion about it.There might be few books which do not interest me and i would give an honest review about it.

I might use occasional pictures or GIFS. Please remember that I am not trying to disrespect anyone! Its my personal opinion!

  • Your book will be usually reviewed within a week after given to me.
  • Reviews are expected to go on
  1. My Blog (JustAnotherYABlog)
  2. Goodreads
  3. Facebook

(Mainly on them)

there are other sites like NetGalley,Smashwords,Librarything,Amazon,Tumblr,Pintrest etc.

But I can’t guarantee posting on them all (Though I’ll try my best too! you can specifically ask me to post on any site mentioned above)

My reviews Include:

  • Characters
  • The reviews
  • A rating ( one being the worst and five being the best)
  • Warning ( whether it will be appreciated by a specific or not)
  • A quote or two ( If needed)
  • Goodreads sypnosis ( If needed)

(Since this is an upcoming blog:Few changes will be expected to be made! I personally make an effort to promote your books! So please bear with me!)

Rating System goes from 1 to 5

One being the worst and 5 being the best
Occasionally I give ratings between the numbers ( example:4.5) which is almost equivalent to 5-almost. To know more,please email me at or

Happy Reading!


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