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Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy ( Gallagher Girls#2) -Ally Carter REVIEW


      Guys and Spies,would it ever work?

Cammie,Zach,Bex,Liz,Macey,Rachel Morgan,Joe Solomon etc

So,Cammie is back again,for another year at Gallagher Academy-The best school in the world for spies
Cammie is all set for a normal normal year, but then something mysterious happens to the east-wing of the academy,which causes the students to be forbidden to go in that area.
Soon Cammie and her friends set upon discovering the secret hidden behind the east wing and find Blackthorne
Blackthorne is boys School for Spies (just like Gallagher Academy) and this year, the boys and the girls have to study together.

Then comes in Zachary Goode ( Zach) The mysterious,enigmatic,hot boy who seems to understand Cammie.He is charming and a boy trouble which Cammie does not want!

But when dire situation arrives and one of the Gallagher staff betrays the Academy, will Cammie be able keep away her distrust,and work with the guys?

Off the records,this book is way better than the first one! I did not really like Josh and with Zach replacing him,I was totally happy.
Zach is wow! I love the mystery surrounding that guy.He is not a weak link like Josh, Infact he is someone who can match Cammie.
Overall,it was a great book and I can’t wait for the third!

Trust. We stake our lives on it, but it’s a subject that not even the Gallagher Academy can teach. When do you let your guard down? Who do you let in? And I knew at that moment, as I sat beside my mother, bathing in the warm spring light, that those were the questions a good spy never stops asking.


WARNING:Those who don’t like mysterious guys,lots of romance,spy work and bits of humor.Sorry!


If you like heart warming stories,sweet stories about teenage and yes,spies then read this series!