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Silverlighters#1~Ellem May, Review!


This book is perfect for those who love YA, Romances,Bad Boys,and yep-mystery

I thank the author for giving me this book to read.

Love you Ellem!


Characters:Ellie Fitzpatrick ( Jeniffer ),Jonathon,Morgan,Beck,Melissa etc.

When I began reading this book, I had no idea that it would be so good,this book is really,a treat.

An almost 17 year old girl is thrust into an unknown world,where she is hunted.

Jeniffer lives with her dad in an apartment,when one day,something unusual happens.There is a fire in her apartment and two strangers come out of it-one of them shockingly familiar, When she goes up her apartment she finds her tough,macho dad looking scared-which he has never once been in his life.More shockingly, there is a newspaper article in which her dad and  herself is listed dead in the apartment fire with the date of tomorrow.

Thrust into a strange world overnight,Jennifer has to change her identity,her past,everything and begin a new life,with one condition-never let ‘them’ know who she is, but will it be easy when she will find herself falling for the enemy?

Sliverlighters surprised me, the plot, the characters had a beautiful Charisma and it will bound to leave you breathless! so don’t miss your chance to read it!

I was one of the beta readers, but if you love the synopsis and would like to read it, then comment!.

If you are done with love triangles, mystery,time travel, then you are done with this review too.

BUTIf you love Tortured heroes, love-hate relationships and Kickass story lines,well, this is the perfect book for you!

As those last tiny silvers pulled away from me,silvery stars streaked before my vision, and I vowed I would find the again.

They belonged to me and he had no right to take them.

Then it was over.





A Shade of Vampire~Bella Forrest, Review!

A Shade Of Vampire is the #1 Christmas Bestseller in Vampire Romance,Paranormal & Fantasy on Amazon,written by Bella Forrest.


I received the copy of A Shade Of Vampire from the Author in exchange of a honest review.

Thankyou Bella!


Characters:Sofia Claremount,Derek Novak,Lucas,Vivienne,Ben

On the eve of her 17th Birthday,Sofia Claremount faces a nightmare she could have never imagined.

Sofia Claremount is a beautiful 17 year old, who is taking a walk on the beach,Her bestfriend Ben,has forgotten her birthday,again,Her day could not have gotten worse than this, When she faces a nightmare,the one she could not ever believe.She is taking captive by Lucas-A Vampire,to join the Harem of Derek Novak.

Sofia is stuck on an island called The Shade, where the sun never shines, where humans are treated as slaves by the vampires.

Slave to the most powerful vampire in this world Sofia has to escape the shade,with vampires on the prowl,and Lucas whose intentions are very shady,her freedom might not be as simple as that, but to not become the meal of the vampires, she has be in the good graces of Derek Novak, but can she do it without falling for him?

The upcoming tale of romance,and suspense, will be thoroughly enjoyed by the readers who love these genres.

Rating:4 stars


If you don’t like vampires and believe that Twilight is enough for you ( Though THIS book is NOTHING like Twilight) and don’t like medium paced love stories,well skip this book


If you love those beautiful love stories between two impossible people and enjoy suspense, and hot heroes,you will love this book, believe me!

“No. In my eyes, she was most beautiful because at a time when she had every right to be terrified, she managed to show comfort to another person who needed it.”