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The One (The selection Series#3) ~Kiera Cass, Review.


What a gorgeous cover! 



Characters: Maxon Shreave,America Singer,King Clarkson,Queen Amberly,Celeste,Aspen ledger etc

We were left last year with America almost getiing evicted from the Selection by King Clarkson, but at the end, Maxon saved her, the cost of it? America lost Maxon’s trust and now she is no more the ‘One’ for Maxon, In the middle of Aspen’s growing advances and the threat to Illea and the Royal family itself, America finds herself lost, but decides to continue to fight for Maxon in the end.

First of all, The One blew me away, honestly, I had not expected so much from this book, I was skeptical because they only had about one book to solve the whole loose ends, and the book doesn’t have much that much pages.

The One starts with America in the Great room, learning another princess stuff, when they are attacked by the rebels, although everyone is safe at the end, the increase in the attacks are worrying.The rebels want Selection to finish, and they will do anything to make that happen.However this is not the top of America’s worries yet, her main worry is the villainous king, Maxon’s father, who wants her evicted and gone forever Maxon’s life.As if this was not enough, there is a new threat, and it could destroy the whole Illea and America herself.

The story progressively gets depressing, there were some light moments but they were more dominated by darker ones.America’s life gets so complicated, and I honestly can’t believe that she didn’t break down badly (although she did sometimes, but because of the plot twists). The thing is that America becomes more stronger and stronger and fights against it, against her heartbreaks, the political deceptions and the looming threat against her and Maxon and becomes the nations’ favorite, and ultimately finds her own happy ending.

I must say, Good Job, Kiera!.

(ps.) The character developments were so good, I am so proud of Maxon and America!

Rating:4.5 stards


Don’t like love triangles, competition or happy endings? skip this book unfortunately.

If you have read the earlier books in this series and loved the books,and  the class they had, then you will love it! 



I know many people were asking this so wanna know who does America end up with?


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A Shade Of Vampire By Bella Forrest

aSoVampire AMAZONThis week I received from the author:



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