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Dance of The Red Death#2~Bethany Griffins, REVIEW!


Time is ticking away..

The Final Book of the Red Death Series.

This is the second book, for the first book Masque Of the Red Death, Synopsis is here:


Characters:Araby Worth,Elliot,Will,April,Kent,Prince Prospero,Reverend Malcontent etc

I waited for a long time ( almost a whole month ) to read this book
And it turned out to be a HUGE disappointment.

Araby’s world is almost destroyed, Her Father is a murderer, her mother is a captive of Prince Prospero and her best-friend April has the contagion which she might not survive

Now this an interesting synopsis and after all Masque Of The Red Death was so awesome, why shouldn’t this book be too?

The Red Death is now ravaging the city, With Malcontent’s men spreading the contagion through the city and Prince Prospero is not at all interested in saving it, Its up to Elliot,Araby and Will to save the city.

The first book was at least better developed, You could get lost in it,Everything added up in Masque Of The Red Death but this one…*sighs*

Now guys, If you have Read Masque Of The Red Death then you know What happened at last with Araby, those who have not; lets just say that one of the two male heroes, did something rather…upsetting to Araby Worth ( the protagonist) But our dear Araby cannot seem NOT to trust him when, on the other hand,The other guy has helped her throughout, been there for her, gave her almost every reason for her to trust him, But Araby can’t trust him ! How wonderful!

Harry Potter Snape Clapping photo tumblr_lm1ge6Q4JM1qc6ais.gif

The whole story was vague especially at the end Then, I could not understand anything, It seemed like more of a Diary entree, where the person can only understand what he/she wrote, what is going on and not the other nosy people.
I almost stopped reading it at several occasions but then kept reading because I thought that it would connect to me at one point, like Masque Of The Red Death did and also because I loved the chemistry between Araby and Elliot ( Remember the Crocodile scene? ) I kept waiting for a scene like that, I kept waiting for Araby to realize things which I did a lot earlier.
I could not connect to Araby AT ALL I found her irritating,selfish most of the time, Definitely not an Hero .

the Characters.. * shakes head*

Elliot? I LOVED HIM.He was just wonderful to read about, I would rather read Elliot’s point of view rather than Araby’s.
And Will? I don’t know where to start, The reasons I hate him are endless.

It was a HUGE disappointment and the ending, I felt was just stupid!

I don’t know, this is my view but I expected so much more from this one.



WARNING:If you don’t like love triangles, Fast paced books, Death and an unsual style of writing.Wrong book for you!


If you want adventures, unexpected endings, grim dystopia. There you go!