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Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) #1 ~Marrissa Meyer, Review!


Characters:Linh Cinder,Prince Kaito,Queen Levana,Iko,Adri etc

Cinder is a futuristic Sci-Fi story set in New Beijing where Cyborgs exists and Lunars (the people who live on Moon) are almost at a brink of war with humans.The story is the retelling of the famous children’s tale, Cinderella, with shocking plottwists which will blow your mind away.

Okay so, Cinder is a cyborg in a much hated cyborg place in New Beijing.She’s a mechanic and lives with her cruel stepmother and two stepsisters, her life is by far, as ordinary as it can get, but when Prince Kaito, the sovereign of New Beijing brings his damaged cyborg Naisi to Cinder to repair it, its then her life changes.

So lets talk a bit about her surroundings first, There’s a deadly plague going around which, if anyone catches, will die, and there’s no cure to it, and on top of that, the Lunars’ ( the much hated,cruel race which lives on moon)  Queen is coming on earth with a shocking proposition, to marry Prince Kaito and become the princess (and the future queen) of New Beijing.Meanwhile Cinder’s life is shattered when its discovered that one of her stepsister falls fatally ill from the plague , and the suspicion goes on Cinder.

Cinder is pretty much sent as a sacrifice to Royal Laboratories, which specifically asked for Cyborg volunteers to find a cure for the deadly plague, from then, shocking discoveries are made about Cinder, and her dark past, and its revealed that Cinder by no means is a normal cyborg, she is far more special.

When Queen Levana comes to earth, and bring her cruel rule and magic to earth, with her proposition, no one knows why, yet her plans look far more sinister and dark.She claimed to get the magical cure for plague, but at what price?

When Cinder realizes the Lunars’ plans, she realizes that she has a far greater part to play in it,soon she is forced in a intergalactic war, in which she must chose sides, deal with betrayals, loyalties and forbidden love,and make her choice which could mean the life or death for the people on earth.

I’d like to add a personal note here: Cinder is a really strong female lead, she has no time for stupid stuff and most of all, doesnt want to make you shake her shoulders in disappointment.She is the heroin I look forward to read about in books, she’s like the perfect blend of everything, most of all, she deals with her ‘burdens’ very well.Also, there’s a lot going on in the book, its not like, one storyline, its like jumble of things thrown together, which spans over four books.I was frankly disappointed that she was not the lead in Scarlet (the second book) but she does appear, over all, this book deserves so much more recognition than it got.

don’t like, less romance, witty sarcastic characters and too much…going on? then nope, this series not for you! 


If you like swoon worthy characters, the perfect mix of betrayal,romance,and royalties plus inter-galactic wars, PICK THIS BOOK UP,LIKE NOW

(ps) the second book has bits of Cinder in them, Scarlet is a retold story of Red Riding Hood, so if you like consistent story leads, this book might disappoint you 

Rating-5 freakin’ stars


a tiny bit of look at Cinder and Kai’s relationship: 

“Kai cleared his throat. Stood straighter. “I assume you are going to the ball?”
“I-I don’t know. I mean, no. No, I’m sorry, I’m not going to the ball.”
Kai drew back, confused. “Oh well… but… maybe you would change your mind? Because I am, you know.”
“The prince.”
“Not bragging,” he said quickly. “Just a fact.” 

I love this book so much


The One (The selection Series#3) ~Kiera Cass, Review.


What a gorgeous cover! 



Characters: Maxon Shreave,America Singer,King Clarkson,Queen Amberly,Celeste,Aspen ledger etc

We were left last year with America almost getiing evicted from the Selection by King Clarkson, but at the end, Maxon saved her, the cost of it? America lost Maxon’s trust and now she is no more the ‘One’ for Maxon, In the middle of Aspen’s growing advances and the threat to Illea and the Royal family itself, America finds herself lost, but decides to continue to fight for Maxon in the end.

First of all, The One blew me away, honestly, I had not expected so much from this book, I was skeptical because they only had about one book to solve the whole loose ends, and the book doesn’t have much that much pages.

The One starts with America in the Great room, learning another princess stuff, when they are attacked by the rebels, although everyone is safe at the end, the increase in the attacks are worrying.The rebels want Selection to finish, and they will do anything to make that happen.However this is not the top of America’s worries yet, her main worry is the villainous king, Maxon’s father, who wants her evicted and gone forever Maxon’s life.As if this was not enough, there is a new threat, and it could destroy the whole Illea and America herself.

The story progressively gets depressing, there were some light moments but they were more dominated by darker ones.America’s life gets so complicated, and I honestly can’t believe that she didn’t break down badly (although she did sometimes, but because of the plot twists). The thing is that America becomes more stronger and stronger and fights against it, against her heartbreaks, the political deceptions and the looming threat against her and Maxon and becomes the nations’ favorite, and ultimately finds her own happy ending.

I must say, Good Job, Kiera!.

(ps.) The character developments were so good, I am so proud of Maxon and America!

Rating:4.5 stards


Don’t like love triangles, competition or happy endings? skip this book unfortunately.

If you have read the earlier books in this series and loved the books,and  the class they had, then you will love it! 



I know many people were asking this so wanna know who does America end up with?


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Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls, #4) by Ally Carter REVIEW



Characters:Cammie the Chamaleon,Zach,Bex,Liz,Rachel Morgan,Mr,Solomon etc.

Only The Good Spy Young is the fourth installment of the Best selling Series Gallagher Girl.

Cammie’s life is messed up,after all,discovering that The Circle Of Cavan isn’t behind Macey,but are after her and they want Cammie alive and they will do anything to get her.

Cammie spends her time with the baxters ( her bestfriend Bex’s family) in her summer but while enjoying London,Cammie has a encounter with Joe Solomon,her CoverOps teacher,Mr.Solomom gives Cammie a encrypted message and makes her promise to follow it,but before Cammie can understand what is happening,the Baxters and other guards start to follow Mr.Solomon and he disappears.
Cammie then discovers that Mr.Solomon is a part of Circle Of Cavan-who wants Cammie for mysterious reasons.And so,Cammie got betrayed by one of her closest allies.
Meanwhile,Cammie is sent into interrogation,after which she is sent back to Gallagher Academy,The world’s best school for girl spies.Cammie is now guarded very carefully and all her secret passageways are blocked-because for her own safety.
And then,there is Zach.
Zach slips through the lines of defences easily,He warns Cammie a lot and gives all mysterious vibes to Cammie which Cammie can’t help but doubt at the boy she is falling for.
Afterall,Both Zach and Mr.Solomon belongs to Blackthorne and know a lot about the circle.
Is Zach also a part of The Circle?
Cammie and her friends start unravelling secrets.Secrets, dangerous to Cammie.What does the Circle want with her? And What did Mr.Solomon’s words mean?
But when,at the end when everything finally starts working out,Cammie makes a decision which turns the whole course of the story.
Will Cammie be successful after the decision she has made?


This book is mainly for younger readers,so if you like more mature content in YA genre,then you might find this book a bit childish for you.

Those who don’t like mysteries,spies and cute books.Not a book for you!


If you have read the previous three books and love humor,spy work,and well,Zach then totally read this one!


Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover (Gallagher Girls#3)~Ally Carter REVIEW!



Characters:Cammie the Chameleon,Zach,Bex,Liz,Rachel Morgan,Joe Solomon,Aunt Abby etc.

So after two books of no real missions, Don’t Judge a girl by her cover was a refreshing read!

Cammie Morgan is all ready to be back for another adventurous year at Gallagher Academy,but before that, she visits her roommate/spy-in-training Macey Mchenry in Boston where Macey’s dad is running for vice-presidency of The United States.There Cammie meets Preston Winters,the almost first son of United States who has a crush on Macey.
While roaming around with Macey,Cammie receives the shock of her life when a real kidnapping takes place,in which, the ‘kidnapping’ was of Macey McHenry.Cammie defeats them,but is shocked to see that the kidnappers were ‘expecting’ the spies-in-training not 16 year old girls:in short:They were expecting the real Gallagher Girls.
Macey is taken into protection but Cammie,Bex and Liz can’t sit still as the kidnappers are still roaming free.Soon Cammie and her friends start on a new mission,to identify the kidnappers.
Cammie,Bex,Liz reveal a shocking secret which date back centuries ago,during Gillian Gallagher era,and find more questions than answers as the mystery deepens.
And not to make anything easy,Zach is back in Cammie’s life,but what does the mysterious boy wants now?
Even with the tightened security Cammie and her friends fear for Macey’s security and during the final poling, wants to stay with her,there Cammie has a revelation which turns her world up-side-down!
shocked gif photo: shocked orig-11257071.gif
What will Cammie do after the revelation? especially,now that she is a danger to everybody she loves?


This book is mainly for younger readers so if you like more mature content in ya genre, you might find this book a bit childish for you.

Those who don’t like mysteries,spies and cute books.Not for you!


if you have read the previous two books and and love humor,spy work,and well,Zach then reaaddd it!

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy ( Gallagher Girls#2) -Ally Carter REVIEW


      Guys and Spies,would it ever work?

Cammie,Zach,Bex,Liz,Macey,Rachel Morgan,Joe Solomon etc

So,Cammie is back again,for another year at Gallagher Academy-The best school in the world for spies
Cammie is all set for a normal normal year, but then something mysterious happens to the east-wing of the academy,which causes the students to be forbidden to go in that area.
Soon Cammie and her friends set upon discovering the secret hidden behind the east wing and find Blackthorne
Blackthorne is boys School for Spies (just like Gallagher Academy) and this year, the boys and the girls have to study together.

Then comes in Zachary Goode ( Zach) The mysterious,enigmatic,hot boy who seems to understand Cammie.He is charming and a boy trouble which Cammie does not want!

But when dire situation arrives and one of the Gallagher staff betrays the Academy, will Cammie be able keep away her distrust,and work with the guys?

Off the records,this book is way better than the first one! I did not really like Josh and with Zach replacing him,I was totally happy.
Zach is wow! I love the mystery surrounding that guy.He is not a weak link like Josh, Infact he is someone who can match Cammie.
Overall,it was a great book and I can’t wait for the third!

Trust. We stake our lives on it, but it’s a subject that not even the Gallagher Academy can teach. When do you let your guard down? Who do you let in? And I knew at that moment, as I sat beside my mother, bathing in the warm spring light, that those were the questions a good spy never stops asking.


WARNING:Those who don’t like mysterious guys,lots of romance,spy work and bits of humor.Sorry!


If you like heart warming stories,sweet stories about teenage and yes,spies then read this series!



I’d Tell You I Love You,But Then I Have To Kill You ( Gallagher Girls#1)~Ally Carter REVIEW!

I'd Tell You I Love you,But Then I Have To Kill You

               Spies and Normal Romance?
                        Will it work out?


Characters:Cammie Morgan,Bex,Liz,Josh,Macy,Rachel Morgan etc.

So Okay,I picked up I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I Have To Kill You for a light read over this summer and I got way more than I was expecting for!

Cameron ‘Cammie’ Morgan isn’t your regular teenager.No,She and her bestfriends got to Gallagher Academy.The best School spy in this world. Cammie can break into CIA and FBI just to get extra credits, and speak into fourteen different languages! 

Cammie’s life is all good until one day,when she goes on a mission, outside the Elite school and meets a ‘normal boy’ named Josh.
And that changes her world.
Cammie can’t tell Josh what she actually is and,in her life full of deception and lies,can she maintain a normal relationship with Josh without anyone knowing it? 

The first book was.. cute no literally,it was cute.Ally fused teenage love,spy work,friendship together very well.There were some characters whom I just absolutely loved!
As whether Cammie and Josh work out,Its up to you to find it out!
Don’t miss it!

Ratings:3 Stars 

Warning:If you don’t like light reads,cute stories with a little less action. Uh Oh! Not a series for you!


If you love those sweet romances (which may or may not work out),Humour,and just teenage stuff,light reads.READ IT!

“I suppose a lot of teenage girls feel invisible sometimes, like they just disappear. Well, that’s me—Cammie the Chameleon. But I’m luckier than most because, at my school, that’s considered cool. 
I go to a school for spies.”



The Host,Stephenie Meyer REVIEW!

The Host (The Host, #1)


Characters:Wanderer,Melanie Stryder,Ian O’She,Jared Howe,Jamie etc.

Well!  I cannot express in words what a great this book is!
First of all Thank You Stephanie,for not giving us another Twilight series!

The Host is an action-thriller story set in the time during invasion on Earth.Its Alien invasion, by a species called Soul The Souls are peaceful, law abiding creatures, who want to spread peace on planet earth.They are good and gentle,but they need a host to survive,The host being humans.The souls are inserted in human bodies and the humans become under their control.The Souls are destroying the Humanity for greater good—according to them,atleast.
Melanie Stryder is a human who spent her life avoiding the souls.She is captured by Souls,to be used as host. She becomes Host to one of the strongest souls,named Wanderer.
Wanderer ( Wanda) is a gentle soul who is put in Melanie’s body.She has control over Melanie ‘s body now and is expected to maintain a normal life.
Except for one complication.
Melanie is still in the far recesses of Wanderer’s mind,fighting for her once-owned body.Not only that,Melanie thinks about a particular person,her love,Jared and forces Wanderer to see her memories. Watching Jared through Melanie’s memories causes Wanderer to fall in love with him too, and against her nature,Wanderer sets on a dangerous path to find the man both Melanie and Wanderer love.
But,would they be successful?

Rating:Absolutely 4  Soulful stars!

If you don’t like big books,possibility of an love triangle,alien invasion.Walk away!


if you like sweet romance,bit of violence and a one-time read.Go ahead!



Hourglass (Hourglass #1) Myra McEntire REVIEW

Hourglass (Hourglass, #1)

          One chance to re-write the past..


Characters:Emerson Cole,Michael Weaver,Liam Ballard,Kaleb Ballard,Lily etc.

Emerson ‘Em’ Cole is a damaged teenager,her parents died in a car crash and she was caught arguing with…air.Pretty Crazy huh? Institutionalized and branded ‘freak’ by people.Emerson’s life is barely sunshine and kittens
First of all,her life is CRAZY.I would have been crazy,If I were her.I loved the strong character Em was,how she dealt with it,even though her life is broken.
Now living with her brother and his wife.Em is trying to get her life back,while hiding a very big secret,the one which got her committed. Many people tried helping Em ( who were all hoaxes ) but no one got it right.When Emerson gave up hope,Hope came is a gorgeous form of Michael Weaver
Its impossible not to love Michael the second you first read about him.He has the perfect look, mysterious aura and personality to charm a girl.He has secrets himself and is in all sense:Irresistible,but his intentions are only limited to using Emerson’s qualities to save a wrongly murdered man 6 months ago.
yes,this book has time travel!
but would his plan work accordingly?
Emerson has been Forbidden to have a relationship with Michael by her brother,but when Emerson agrees to work with Michael. Can she do it without having feelings for him?
The chemistry between the two rocked! I loved the way Em and Michael understood each other,and when there was jealousy…it was….wow! I have a soft spot for forbidden love and it was truly enjoyable romance.
Along with some major ass-kicking.
But saving someone by going back in time isn’t without consequences and Emerson will find it out in an hard way.Can she make the right decision- even if it means to give up the person she loves?
The time traveling part isn’t very big,but will have a significant impact on the story.Yes.It was a wee bit predictable but it was all good in end. I loved how the plot spun,one second, there was happiness and the other,there was sadness.
The villains and the betrayal was shocking and I cannot wait to know what happens after this!

Rating:This hell of a book deserves 5 stars!

Note:The second and the third book of this series is from different point of view, so those who like a continuous protagonist’s point of view,you might not find the other books in the series appealing.

WARNING: If you don’t like forbidden romance,Time-traveling,major cliffhangers.This series is not for you!


Those who like rocking romances,hot lead characters and a bit of humor.You will love this one!


“Aren’t I supposed to be brave, fearless? Isn’t that what the world expects?”
“Screw what the world expects. Think about all the things you’ve faced. You cracked, but you didn’t break. You’re still standing. I’d call that fearless. You’ve already conquered so much.”




Awaken ( Abandon trilogy #3) Meg Cabot REVIEW!

Awaken (Abandon Trilogy, #3)


Characters:Pierce Oliveira,John Hayden,Alex,Frank,Kayla etc.

The Furies are back for revenge,To hurt John and Pierce and to keep them apart…and this time, for ever,
Can Pierce Olievera stop it?

We were first introduced to Pierce by Meg Cabot as almost-Persephone, who was according to legends, Hades consort.
I love Greek Mythology, especially Hades and Persephone, It shows how a man, who is incapable of feelings, can show love.
Same as John Hayden.
Now, John Hayden is the lead and Pierce’s love interest.He is enigmatic,charming,protective with a shattered soul.He loves Pierce and would not stop at anything to keep them apart.

Death has her in her clutches,but Pierce does not want to let it go
Now,what can be better than Meg’s humor along with her talent to make sexy characters?

But before They can have any happy ending, Pierce has to take her final stand against the Furies…and the one possessing her grandmother.To ensure peace on Isla Huesos and The Underworld and her own happy ending

the Final installment is here

This book is what I call a perfect Hangover, It was sad to say goodbye to the characters who stayed with me so long…But at the end I was satisfied with how it turned out.It is one hell-of-a-series you should not miss!

Warning:If you don’t like Strong male leads,sweet funny reads, romance and mythology Unfortunately,this series is not for you

If you love turn-of-the-century romances,a good laugh and in  general-beautiful stories then this series is begging you to read it!



Crown Of Midnight ( Throne Of Glass #2) Sarah.J.Mass REVIEW!


Characters:Calaena Sardothien,Chaol Westfall,Prince Dorian,Princess Nehemia etc.

Calaena Sarthodien is back…with more mysteries to solve than ever.
There is something about Sarah’s writing…she can constantly keep you on edge, make you cry in one page and happy in the second.For those who are eagerly waiting to read it..I can promise you that you wont be disappointed At all!

18 year old assassin, Calaena Sarthodien is back as King’s Champion,She has to kill and abide by the rules set by the king, to remain as the Best Assassin, to ensure Nehemia, her family and Chaol to live, But when king’s evil plans unveil..What would Calaena do?

The story plot is immensely rich! All I can say is wow..
All I can give you is a glimpse of what you will discover:-
Evil mythical creatures, secret passages in the Castle ( more of them,atleast), a member from the Ironteeth Clan which destroyed the Witch kingdom,Magic..and a chilling riddle which will change everything

Celaena has to stop the rebellion which is threatening to overthrow the king,while at work,she meets An Old friend, and is introduced to the ever-mysterious world of Wyrd keys
But can she do what she has to do , without letting her heart astray?

And when the truth will uncover…It will change everything
Especially the ending…woah! It was so not what I expected! Loved it! Hats off to Sarah!

The Characters developed too, I personally loved Dorian’s development and Chaol’s maturity, which made him one of the most important characters.Calaena was just the badass self she already is, but at parts-I could not help myself from sympathizing for her, her strong nature is commendable.
But those who love Chaol and Calaena….this book will be a feast for you!

This book is action packed with mysteries and romance.Just wait people! The book is worth waiting!

rating:5 Stars!

Warning:If you don’t love extreme suspense, magic,and strong hot headed female leads and want a perfect love story  *walk away*


If you adore magic,mystery,mayhem with beautiful romance but sad tragedies.You will love this one !